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Hyperthyroidism is a medical condition that can trigger an episode of angioedema. What is hyperthyroidism? This medical term refers to a situation where the thyroid is overactive, leading to the production of excessive amounts of its hormones. Bear in mind that throughout this page, general information on this condition is mentioned, and the details may not always be related to cases in which hyperthyroidism leads (or can lead) to angioedema. Talk with a medical professional for qualified information and advice.


There are various medical symptoms that can show up in a patient with this condition. However, in some cases, it does not produce any noticeable ones at all. Difficulty sleeping is something that the patient may experience. The skin may become thinner. The patient's muscles may be weak. His level of sweating may be greater than it otherwise would be. Weight might unintentionally be lost, even if a normal appetite is present. Cardiac palpitations, in which the person is aware of a heartbeat abnormality, may also show up. Low blood sugar can affect the individual. The patient may have a sensation of shortness of breath. These are only some of the symptoms that can be noticed in certain cases.


In situations where hyperthyroidism is being considered as a possibility, the usual method of attempted diagnosis is to do a blood test to check the patient's level of thyroid-stimulating hormone. Usually, a low level of this is an indication of higher levels of thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) in the person's blood, although it doesn't always mean that is the case. T3 and T4 may also be measured directly through a blood test. Other methods can also be employed during the process of trying to make a diagnosis.


The way in which hyperthyroidism is treated can be different in one case as compared to another. Various medications can be employed. Under some circumstances, surgery may be performed, although it is a rarely-used option. Radioisotope therapy may be used. Treatment for hyperthyroidism may lead to a low thyroid function -- or hypothyroidism. In this case, thyroid hormone supplements might be prescribed. Talk with a doctor for details about treatment in your particular case. Do not base your treatment or other decisions on information found here, which is not professional in nature.

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