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Iron deficiency

An iron deficiency has the potential to trigger angioedema. In terms of deficiencies of nutrients, this is one of the ones that occurs more regularly.


One of the things that a person with an iron deficiency may experience is exhaustion and/or weakness. The skin may also become pale -- a situation known as pallor. Immune function may be lowered. It is possible for hair loss to occur. A disorder known as pica can also take place. In this, the patient has an appetite for things that do not provide significant nutrition (an example of this is clay). Restless legs syndrome is something else that can occur in people with a deficiency of iron. Keep in consideration that these things do not point only to such a deficiency, as they may have other medical causes behind them.


There are various reasons why a patient may have a low level of iron in his blood. Some are provided here, although this is not an exhaustive list. In some cases, it is simply due to a lack of sufficient iron in his diet. In some circumstances, malabsorption leads to this decreased level. Chronic bleeding can also cause iron to become low.


There are various things that may be noticed in test results if a patient has an iron deficiency. Low levels of ferritin and/or iron may be detected. Microcytic anemia might be noticed in a complete blood count. Another possible finding is that of a high total iron-binding capacity.


Not all cases of iron deficiency are treated in the same way. Prior to prescribing a particular treatment method, a doctor will need to determine what the medical reason for it is. For instance, bowel cancer that leads to bleeding would not be treated in the same way as a diet low in iron would be. Iron supplements may be prescribed, as well as other particular treatment methods based on the situation. In some instances where the deficiency is minor and not due to a serious disease, eating a diet higher in iron may be a sufficient method of resolving the issue. Red meat, beans, lentils, and poultry are several of the foods that have a high iron content.

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